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[19 Apr 2010|07:18am]
I know that no one I know reads this anymore or cares to.. I just thought I'd leave my mark on the world of my Livejournal by posting a random message.

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[14 Mar 2008|12:59am]
Hi, Livejournal.

It's been ages, hasn't it?

I've missed you too.

If anyone still happens to glance at this old blog of mine... thank you.

I'm shitty at keeping contact with people. Hope all is well.

Thank you.


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[20 Apr 2007|04:51pm]
Alive and well, I am. I owe everyone who has stayed committed to Livejournal a long-delayed hello.

I've been well. And I'd like to hear from the rest of you as well.. well, those who haven't abandoned LJ completely. I owe some emails, which I'll get to eventually. Life is pretty.. well, hectic, isn't it?

But what good is life if you're too busy to live it? Weird question, but I think everyone can understand what I mean by that.

Hope all is well. Here's to many years of blogging fun!


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To the masses of people who think I should exercise my right to vote... [10 Nov 2006|03:40pm]
I say, why waste your time? Honestly... what good can come out of attacking other people who you deem apathetic? I realized the answer while talking to one of my very good friends earlier. The good that comes out of it is that it'll usually inspire apathy to take action.. to stand up for their own ideals and beliefs, even if it is indifference. So by writing this blog entry today, I accept that my good friend has beaten me in this. She has used her cunning and manipulation to cause me to react in my own way.

I am apathetic when it comes to politics. Some people acknowledge that as being lazy. It's true, in the sense that I don't care. I have my right to vote. I acknowledge it all the time. I have no real reason why I don't vote and I'm not going to make one up. I just don't care. So what does that make me? I've heard tell that it makes me worse than the people who are the opposition because at least they're doing something... even if it's voting blindly. Let's face it, most republican voters only vote republican because they're republican. At least liberals present arguments why such and such should be in office or what not. I tend to side with liberals in everything... however, I, myself, choose not to be involved in politics. And by not voting, I am not trying to make a statement. I am just, simply put, uninterested.

My vote matters. Stand up for what you believe in or you have no right to bitch. Well, I do have a right to bitch... and not do anything about it. It is one of the many freedoms we enjoy as Americans. It's more hypothetical than anything else but a vote can come down to one person. Yes, it's highly unlikely, but possible. So what? If by not taking action and doing research on candidates and vote based on who I think is best suited to be in government, I am just a drone? No. Conformity is my biggest issue. By arguing with me why I am wrong and why you're right, you're just trying to make me side with you... to follow the masses. You call it change. I call it slavery. Stand up for what you believe in, but for god sakes, leave the people who don't give a shit alone. I experience this mostly from liberals, who by advocating change, demand that people follow their ideals or stand up for what they believe in. Isn't that hypocritical? If you want change, you shouldn't attack the people you're trying to convert or help. Present your issues, stress your concerns, move on. If someone wants to join you in your crusade, great... if not, live by your open-mindedness and let people be. Isn't that what a liberal fights for? Change and individuality, free from prejudice or bigotry? It would seem to me that the line can often be blurred. Tolerate. Freedom of the individual. I think choosing not to vote qualifies in that department. Losing respect or looking down on someone based on their beliefs, or lack thereof, makes you no better. You're just a bigot.

I may not know a lot about politics, as I mentioned earlier I don't care, but I know that my argument is good enough to defend myself. I may be inaccurate in whatever I put into this entry... but the bigotry stands. If you don't let people choose... or rather, if you allow people to do whatever they want, but criticize their actions if they don't match up to your standards, what example are you setting? Don't be superficial.

If you want my opinions on our country, I will flesh out some of what I absolutely cannot tolerate.

First and foremost, jury duty. Most people, that includes liberals and conservatives alike, hate jury duty with a passion. I happen to love jury duty. It is also one of the rights afforded us by our government. So why don't I hear more people advocating that? Jury duty is just as important as voting, because it represents the people and their judgment. It defines us as a free country. If you're one of the people who try to push your political views on others and always try to get out of jury duty, you have no right to judge others... not that anyone has that right anyway.

International affairs. This is probably the most frustrating thing about the American government. Like I've always said, America the Hypocrite. What good can come out of trying to govern other countries when the government can't even control the violence in our own country? Who have you voted for recently that has made it a priority to put a stop to this madness? Exactly. "So stand up and voice your opinion and help make the change!" By voting? I've heard talk of violence and the attempts to stop it all my life. Where are we on that? Where are the politicians who promised us change? If you voted for that politician, where the fuck is he? Why do people still fear going out at night? Why do people still stereotype big cities as being dangerous? Why do they think they're going to get stabbed or shot? WHAT THE FUCK HAS YOUR VOTING DONE but give people power to not do as they claimed they would? Don't criticize me for not being as patriotic as you would like me to be. My disappointment in the broken promises are a big reason I don't care. Does my vote really matter? I voted for Kerry... he lost. Where does that put me? Am I a loser now because I stood up for something and found out that it didn't even matter? Yes, I scored a moral victory. I can celebrate now. I've made some people happy to know I voted. Here's an idea: talk change with someone who opposes you. A liberal and a conservative. If you can make the other person see that they're just bullheaded and turn them around, that's a better victory. Suppose this continued and it showed in the polls. Maybe that will renew an apathetic person's faith in the system. Talking down to them reinforces their non-political stance. Prove to me that you are better than that and maybe I will take the time to learn. It isn't hard, is it? And just remember this much... I have never once opposed your opinions or disagreed with you. Fighting with me isn't worth it. It's counterproductive. You're just as good talking to a wall.

Notice how I take my angle with force? Emotionally driven, but not entirely based on that. The evidence shows. Look around you. Violence is evident.

What else bothers me? Yes, these bills or acts that enable the government unrestricted access to a person's home if they feel the person is a danger or possibly a danger based on their ethnicity or personal ties, without a warrant. Doesn't that counteract our rights? I've seen the documentaries.. most of the politicians who pass these bills don't even read them. People YOU voted for. The government is supposed to be run by the people, for the people. This would seem to suggest an attempt at dictatorship. Good job.. keep bitching about people like me. It's the most productive thing you can do. Maybe I should vote republican.. at least they have the right idea. I don't hear them bitching about people who won't vote.. they bitch about other things, like affirmative action.

This is merely my opinion on societal issues. I mean no offense to anyone who is offended...

I don't judge people on their views, opinions, and beliefs.. that's just so hypocritical. I judge people on their personality and how they act. That, to me, is more important than whether someone cares for world issues or not... yes, those kind of things reflect personality, but they do not define it. You can respect and love someone for other reasons. Try it. If people can learn to do that, there would be no need for arguments. This is why politics, religion, and sex are taboo subjects.. because people take things way too seriously. I don't think life was intended to be that way. I live a carefree life, not a careless one. If I'm passionate about something, I will make a stand and fight for it. Tolerance is key... and I forgive you.


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[25 Sep 2006|07:51am]
It's party time. Excellent.

Friday, October the 13th.

Party. Party. Party.

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Represent. [19 Sep 2006|06:52am]
Hello, friends, colleagues, and strangers.

I am Titus.

Some of you might be more familiar with my other name: Ty. Then there's the rest of you who don't even know my name. You know me simply as the guy who won't leave you alone. :-)

I've decided to write in this for one reason: I'm pulling an all-nighter. What better way to waste the time than to write up a blog, eh? I mean, some of you actually read this stuff.

So, where did I last leave off? Some movie review or something, right? Well, let me update you all on my fantastic life. I don't think I can get more sarcastic than that. Well, I suppose I can but it'll just be redundant. Anyway, allow me to write about school, since school is the number one thing in my life right now. Yes, I still go to MCC, which is a joke. I wish I had the resources and financial backing to afford a better and possibly private school. Due to my massive ego and my reasoning that I'm just too smart for the average mass of idiots running around, I've become a bit of a slacker. Yes, I think... no, strike that.. I know I'm too smart for Macomb. I see people struggling every single day and coming to terms with the fact that they're stupid. I can't even comprehend how stupid some people are. I can't believe some even make it out. Cheating, I suppose.

I took Intro to Mythology, hoping it would be fun. Too much hope. While I won't argue that it could possibly be fun for someone who isn't too familiar with mythology, i.e. Greek myth, I feel that I am beyond that class. There is nothing for me to learn there.

Another class I have is Speech. Anyone who is afraid of talking in front of people should be kicked in the face. The only reason I'm even taking this class is because it's a prerequisite. What I'm really looking forward to is Argumentation and Debate. Just another useless semester for me.

Even in English, my favorite subject, I find myself slacking off. Attendance doesn't count and my professor doesn't teach anything. The only thing there is to do is read short stories, critically analyze them, and then turn it in for possible credit. I haven't done anything in there yet. I suppose I will have to eventually.

Finally, there's Acting, the only class I enjoy. It's more or less because my professor kicks ass. It's also because I'm a great actor. Haha.

So, that's the academic side of life... onward, shall we?

My personal life has been plagued with issues that should have me stressed out. I find it's more suitable not to care. My love life is non-existent but that's just because I don't really want to date females who already have kids.

My mother, brother, and little sister moved out to live in an apartment with my uncle and his girlfriend. This leaves me alone in the basement. It's a true testament of a lackluster life. Well, I'm not really alone. My grandma and the aunt/uncle/cousins team live here too. I rarely talk to them or see them though. It is much more quiet now. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I guess I can only wait and see. Reminds me of when it was just my brother and me living at the old house. Only there, I could have anyone over whenever I wanted. Here, I pretty much have to sneak people in or at the very least, make it so they don't stay long. Oh, well.. I think I'll pimp out my part of the basement to better suit my personality, i.e. blow-up dolls and porno flicks. I don't know what that says of my personality... probably something along the lines of a fake person. Now wait, I'm not fake. I exist to please myself first and foremost. At least I'm honest. :-)

So, where was I? Ah, yes.. my loneliness. Now is one of those times I realize I'm truly alone. I've sort of distanced myself from my normal friends... but that's because I need some kind of change in my life. I don't think my current friends, save one or two, give me real inspiration to want to succeed in life. It does translate to me being disappointed in my friends and does reveal that maybe I'm being selfish. I don't mean to disrespect any of them, but I need to be selfish. My solace comes from the sole intellectual companion I talk to almost daily. I think she is the one person who makes me continue onward. To elaborate, she gives me hope that I will do what I have to to get where I need to be. Maybe I do need a girlfriend as well?

One good thing that has happened at Macomb is that I'm making friends now. It's good for me because it allows me to be with different groups of people so I can enjoy myself.

Not too much humor in this entry, is there?

Throughout our journey in life, we come across the most extraordinary of individuals. They laugh with us, they cry with us, they love us, they hate us, they curse us. However, when our journey in life finally comes to an end, we must take our final step... alone.


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[05 Sep 2006|10:11pm]
Do you love me?

Because I love you!

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[28 Aug 2006|01:36pm]
Remember, remember the 13th of October.

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Mark Your Calendars [15 Aug 2006|08:35pm]
You heard it from me first. That's right.

The now annual Titus Halloweenfest kicks off on October.. Friday, the 13th. That's right, FRIDAY THE 13TH!

I am announcing this awesome party in advance so that all of you bastards can make plans to attend. Since I'm pretty sure that I'm the first to announce such plans for a Halloween party, and since it's two weekends before Halloween, it gives people a chance to come hang out with me with no obligations toward other parties.


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A letter to me. [19 Jul 2006|08:47am]
Hi livejournal.. did you miss me? I sometimes have that effect on you, don't I?

Don't worry... I will never get rid of you, my dear. I've had you forever.

Just don't expect me to update the way I used to. No one likes to read my journal entries anyway.

Just chill. Someday.


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Livejournal, I'm still your friend [02 Jul 2006|03:30pm]
So... buttons!

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[06 Jun 2006|01:45pm]
Thought I'd say hi... so... Hi.


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An update on the semester [09 May 2006|11:12pm]
A- in English.. yes! Time to win that Pulitzer now.

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Reflection [28 Apr 2006|02:32am]
I had a blast.. thanks to everyone who made their presence known tonight. And a special thank you to the wonderful people who took the time to say happy birthday.


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Another year.. [25 Apr 2006|03:58am]
I will be 23 on Thursday. Call me.. hang out.

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[09 Apr 2006|04:37pm]
There are times when I really miss talking to you. But I guess that's to be expected.

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Well, I should probably come clean about this.. [01 Apr 2006|08:24am]
Recently, I discovered, due to the awesome power of foresight that all doctors are blessed with, that I have a rare blood disorder. Apparently, when I donated plasma, they found something they didn't like with my blood. The name of the disorder escapes me at the moment as they told me this information over the phone. What I do know, this part really got to me and I've been depressed about it for the past few days... I know that I will need a blood transfusion that will hopefully correct this problem. I have a 75% survival rate, so that's definitely good for me, right? However, I got to thinking... what if I fall under the 25%? That would really suck. I mean, for fuck's sake, I'm only 23 (technically still 22 but I'm close enough). There are still a lot of things that I need to do... lots of people I want to see and meet. What if something goes wrong and I don't make it? Who would want to know? Who would even care?

So, on Monday, I'm withdrawing from all my classes. The next few days will be spent on my will.. the ones I love the most will get the good DVDs. Of course, this is just a precaution in case whatever higher power decides it's my turn to say goodbye. I just want you all to know, in the event that this procedure doesn't work out for me, I love you. Each and every one of you. As I sit here, my vision blurred by the tears, I wish I could talk to or see some of you just one last time.

If you wish to send your condolences my way, you can do so on here, by email, by AIM (both of which I've given in my last post), or you can call me at 586-722-8034.

If this is indeed my last post, then I wish the rest of you long and happy lives. Remember me always. I hope I'm allowed my memories wherever I'm going.

Take care of yourselves for me.


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Closing remarks [31 Mar 2006|03:56pm]
Greetings my fellow LJers...

It's been about 2 weeks since my last update so allow me the time to write you all again.

I really have quit smoking. It's such a nice feeling knowing I'm better than a lot of people. :-) Haha... haven't smoked since the end of October. I feel damn good. Anyway, time just creeps up on people, doesn't it? I wonder where all the time goes. I suppose my mind often plays tricks on me. Some days drag on while others end rather suddenly. The difference between heaven and hell, I guess. Torture lasts while bliss wanes. That's how I feel anyway. I have the big 23 coming up soon. April 27th. Mark your calendars, ladies and gentlemen... I believe we do have a celebration coming up. I don't expect to get anything but that's expected anyway. All I really want for my birthday is to re-establish lost friendships. I don't want to mislead though.. I am a sucker and will accept presents. :-)

I've had this journal since June or July 2001... damn, it's been a long time.

Eventually, all things must come to an end. Soon, I imagine I'll be abandoning this journal for bigger and better things. Of course, I'll post the occasional entry or comment but for the most part, it's time to move on. I no longer get the awesome comments I desperately crave. None of you bastards want to be my friend anymore. Must be because I just called you all bastards. That isn't true. I love you all...

Anyway, it seems like MySpace is where I'll retreat to now if I want to update people on my life. As always, any of you are welcome to add me as a friend: www.myspace.com/napoleontynamite. I'd really love to re-establish some friendships.

Also, you can contact me via email or AIM at mastabeyter@gmail.com and NapoleonTynamite, respectively.

And remember, before you do the unthinkable, like taking me off your friends list :-), this isn't goodbye... not really.

To all my friends, both past and present... I wish you all the best in your endeavors. May the good spirits smile upon you, always.

Hmm.. well, with a cherry on top.


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And today, millions of people are drunk [17 Mar 2006|04:39pm]
O... Top O tha marnin' to ya, ya wankas.

Today is St. Patrick's Day... it gives everyone the excuse to be Irish for a day. And when I say that, I mean drinking. So, let me just say this... If you plan on drinking tonight, please try to be careful and responsible. If you wake up next to a hideous creature of the night, you know you drank too much tonight. Also, just because today gives you an "excuse" to get drunk, try not to go overboard. After all, it's just another day. Don't drink more than you can handle.

With that said and out of the way, happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you lot.

I wish I had a leprechaun suit.. I'd dress up and do a merry little jig. Then again, an Asian leprechaun? Let a man dream.

Stay negative... get checked.


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The real lyrics to "Dance, Dance" by Fall Out Boy [13 Mar 2006|10:45pm]
Ted's Pants
They're falling apart the twelfth time
Ted's Pants
And this is the walrus you love to eat
This is the way they look for you
Mister Miyagi

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