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Hello, friends, colleagues, and strangers.

I am Titus.

Some of you might be more familiar with my other name: Ty. Then there's the rest of you who don't even know my name. You know me simply as the guy who won't leave you alone. :-)

I've decided to write in this for one reason: I'm pulling an all-nighter. What better way to waste the time than to write up a blog, eh? I mean, some of you actually read this stuff.

So, where did I last leave off? Some movie review or something, right? Well, let me update you all on my fantastic life. I don't think I can get more sarcastic than that. Well, I suppose I can but it'll just be redundant. Anyway, allow me to write about school, since school is the number one thing in my life right now. Yes, I still go to MCC, which is a joke. I wish I had the resources and financial backing to afford a better and possibly private school. Due to my massive ego and my reasoning that I'm just too smart for the average mass of idiots running around, I've become a bit of a slacker. Yes, I think... no, strike that.. I know I'm too smart for Macomb. I see people struggling every single day and coming to terms with the fact that they're stupid. I can't even comprehend how stupid some people are. I can't believe some even make it out. Cheating, I suppose.

I took Intro to Mythology, hoping it would be fun. Too much hope. While I won't argue that it could possibly be fun for someone who isn't too familiar with mythology, i.e. Greek myth, I feel that I am beyond that class. There is nothing for me to learn there.

Another class I have is Speech. Anyone who is afraid of talking in front of people should be kicked in the face. The only reason I'm even taking this class is because it's a prerequisite. What I'm really looking forward to is Argumentation and Debate. Just another useless semester for me.

Even in English, my favorite subject, I find myself slacking off. Attendance doesn't count and my professor doesn't teach anything. The only thing there is to do is read short stories, critically analyze them, and then turn it in for possible credit. I haven't done anything in there yet. I suppose I will have to eventually.

Finally, there's Acting, the only class I enjoy. It's more or less because my professor kicks ass. It's also because I'm a great actor. Haha.

So, that's the academic side of life... onward, shall we?

My personal life has been plagued with issues that should have me stressed out. I find it's more suitable not to care. My love life is non-existent but that's just because I don't really want to date females who already have kids.

My mother, brother, and little sister moved out to live in an apartment with my uncle and his girlfriend. This leaves me alone in the basement. It's a true testament of a lackluster life. Well, I'm not really alone. My grandma and the aunt/uncle/cousins team live here too. I rarely talk to them or see them though. It is much more quiet now. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I guess I can only wait and see. Reminds me of when it was just my brother and me living at the old house. Only there, I could have anyone over whenever I wanted. Here, I pretty much have to sneak people in or at the very least, make it so they don't stay long. Oh, well.. I think I'll pimp out my part of the basement to better suit my personality, i.e. blow-up dolls and porno flicks. I don't know what that says of my personality... probably something along the lines of a fake person. Now wait, I'm not fake. I exist to please myself first and foremost. At least I'm honest. :-)

So, where was I? Ah, yes.. my loneliness. Now is one of those times I realize I'm truly alone. I've sort of distanced myself from my normal friends... but that's because I need some kind of change in my life. I don't think my current friends, save one or two, give me real inspiration to want to succeed in life. It does translate to me being disappointed in my friends and does reveal that maybe I'm being selfish. I don't mean to disrespect any of them, but I need to be selfish. My solace comes from the sole intellectual companion I talk to almost daily. I think she is the one person who makes me continue onward. To elaborate, she gives me hope that I will do what I have to to get where I need to be. Maybe I do need a girlfriend as well?

One good thing that has happened at Macomb is that I'm making friends now. It's good for me because it allows me to be with different groups of people so I can enjoy myself.

Not too much humor in this entry, is there?

Throughout our journey in life, we come across the most extraordinary of individuals. They laugh with us, they cry with us, they love us, they hate us, they curse us. However, when our journey in life finally comes to an end, we must take our final step... alone.

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